I believe in having a positive approach to challenges you face, will lead you to success. Positivity fuels success and a smile is the shortest distance between two people. Open mind, open heart.


I see opportunities rather than limitations. Struggling with different challenges are more interesting and exciting if you seek opportunities and think positively. And believe me, it works


Based on many years of international business activities, I can offer myself as board member with focus on internationalization, growth strategy and management


Happy Bosses is a unique business network for people that believe in the positive side effects of happy management. Happy Bosses lead more motivated people in better organizations and have more fun doing it.

Please feel free to reach out to me

Per Andersen

Knabberupvej 137

DK-7100 Vejle

T. +45 5190 8433

E. per@ipositive.dk

Seriously Happy Management

Strive not to

be a success,

but rather

to be of value